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Portrait of Henry Irving

Entries are still being added to this site, so there may not yet be letters available from all the correspondents identified.


We are working under the auspices of J.H.B. Irving, the actor’s great grandson, who holds the copyright for the writings of Irving and his heirs. We have made every effort to identify the owners of copyrights of Irving’s correspondents. If we have failed, we ask the owners to make themselves known, to give permission for letters to be summarised.


Irving’s Life is listed in the form of a Chronology to facilitate searching, with a guide to earlier published material giving information about his life.


The Letters can be fully searched in a Quick Search. An Advanced Search allows for more limited specific searches, for example by Place or Date or by Holding Organisation. A separate Subject Search of 24 terms can be further limited by date if desired.


The list attempts to identify all Irving’s Correspondents, with dates and brief biographical details. These details can also be shown on the Letters pages if required, but there is no direct link from the list to the database.


Here are listed related websites, and the websites and email addresses of the organisations holding material listed on the website. This list can also be accessed from the foot of each Letter page. Private owners, if they so wish, may be contacted through the site by use of “Contact” at the foot of the page.


We have endeavoured to supply information to help interpret the letters. We will be pleased to hear from users by the “Contact” at the foot of the page. We will try to deal as quickly as we can with enquiries, and we would also be very grateful to receive notes about any inaccuracies, and places where users can supply additional information.