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Author: Richards, Frank >>
Address: No.6, Addison Studios, Blythe Road, W.Kensington
Recipient: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: [London]
Date: 1901, Feb., 28 
Document Type: Letter (5 p.)
Content Summary: A well-phrased begging letter asking for helping hand in hard times. Encloses photo of large oil painting he did sometime back of his old friend and colleague as a young actor in dark tones. It is meant to represent the spirit of Hamlet. Could Irving or any other actor purchase it? He wants not less than 100. Has been living in the country to cut down expenses. Criticises the millionaires who do not take Art & Drama under their golden wings. Hopes Irving does not take offence at the letter.
Published: -
Notes: Letter illustrated by small drawing of male head in profile on first page and scenes of desert etc on others, plus illustrated, coloured, capital letters to each paragraph. No photograph with letter.
Document Holder: SCL (Reference: RL2/7/15)
Ref.No: 6528    
Author: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: Burlington House, Folkestone
Recipient: Brereton, Austin >>
Address: 13 York Chambers, Adelphi Terrace, London W.C.
Date: 1903, Jan., 5 
Document Type: Letter (2 p.)
Content Summary: A capital 'par' in the D[aily] T[elegraph] keeping things right. He names four plays to add to the list of those in which Miss Terry appears. (Faust, Othello, Lear, Henry VIII.) It might be necessary to say something about this. Miss Terry added lustre to the Lyceum, but ten years before she joined the company Irving's reputation had become world wide with ten characters (listed), and other plays. This is for future reference and may be useful. He will be back on Thursday.
Published: -
Notes: Negative photocopy; typewritten transcript in THM/37/1/43. A continuation of Letter 8572. The ten characters are Hamlet (204 nights), Macbeth, Richard III, The Bells, Louis XI, Othello, Lyons Mail, Queen Mary, Jingle, Charles I. This may be a suggestion for Brereton's 'The Lyceum and Henry Irving' published in 1903.
Document Holder: THM (Reference: THM/37/7/2)
Ref.No: 33    
Author: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: Imperial Hotel, Torquay
Recipient: Stoker, Bram (Abraham) >>
Address: [20 Bedford St]
Date: 1905, March, 29 
Document Type: Letter (4 p.)
Content Summary: How would it be to announce 'Becket' for 12 nights not mentioning matinees? Ten days' announcement of third week would be ample, or it might be 'Becket' the first two weeks and 3rd week. Ask what they think of this at Drury Lane. Is Stanford coming back? If not someone must be engaged. He said several months before that he was off to America to produce a play, but nothing about returning. Any news of Major(?) Campbell or George Lewis? Irving is getting along slowly and he hopes well, with quiet and rest. He sees that Heinemann has secured an alteration in American copyright - is it any good? He is glad Stoker is going to 'Hamlet', as Harry will be. He will want his friends. Irving has great faith in him.
Published: -
Notes: 'Hamlet' is probably a lecture by H.B. Irving; see Letter 1445. George Lewis was Irving's solicitor, and Stanford probably Henry B. Stanford, previously a member of the company. By courtesy of the Tennyson Research Centre, Lincolnshire County Council. The likely envelope is preserved at SCL (RL2/8/476).
Document Holder: TRC (Reference: 3784)
Ref.No: 5498    
Author: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: -
Recipient: Stuart, Otho >>
Address: [Adelphi Theatre]
Date: 1905, April, 4 
Document Type: Telegram
Content Summary: Victory & success - his heart is with them - especially commend him to his dear Hamlet.
Published: L. Irving, The Precarious Crust, p.91.
Notes: H.B.Irving played Hamlet under Stuart's management at the Adelphi Theatre, opening on 4th April.
Document Holder: Pd
Ref.No: 4225    
Author: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: Imperial Hotel, Torquay
Recipient: Terry, Dame Ellen Alice >>
Address: 215, Kings Road, Chelsea, London
Date: 1905, April, 4 
Document Type: Letter (2 p.)
Content Summary: He hopes tomorrow will be a red letter day and her hopes are fulfilled. His thoughts will be with her. He knows how anxious she must be. A great night this for Harry, and he heard great things of yesterday's rehearsal. He is getting along well, he thinks, and will be in Torquay another fortnight. "My love and God bless you and a triumph, I hope."
Notes: Though letter dated 4th April the postmark on envelope is 8th April 1905. Irving, still convalescing, was to open at Drury Lane three weeks later in 'Becket'. H.B. Irving was playing the lead in 'Hamlet' at the Adelphi. Ellen Terry opened in James Barrie's 'Alice Sit-by-the- Fire' at the Duke of York's Theatre, London on 5th April 1905.
Document Holder: THM (Reference: THM/384/6/3)
Ref.No: 8239    
Records - 346 to 350 of 354

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