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Author: Wills, William Gorman >>
Address: -
Recipient: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: -
Date: [1881?] 
Document Type: Letter (4 p.)
Content Summary: He sends the 1st Act of 'Faust' which is up to his best work. The dialogue of Meph[istopheles] is original as the original poem is undramatic. 2nd-5th Acts to follow quickly as in 'Rienzi'. He would like Irving's opinion. Wills has been seriously ill, taken ill a month ago in his Paris studio, and lists symptoms. Irving told him through Stoker to post him Calmour's address. Calmour has been almost starving and it would be charity to send him any little part. Calmour is writing out 'Faust' for Irving but often has no money. He has real talent and is obliging and kind hearted.
Published: -
Notes: In 1887 Irving staged Alfred Calmour's 'The Amber Heart' for Ellen Terry.
Document Holder: THM (Reference: THM/37/1/25)
Ref.No: 4372    
Author: Burnand, Sir Francis Cowley >>
Address: 192 Brompton Road, S.W.
Recipient: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: [London]
Date: 1887, Jan., 18 
Document Type: Letter (2 p.)
Content Summary: Accepts invitation to dinner on Sunday 30 Jan at 7.30 which he supposes means 7.45. How long will 'Faust' run, after which Irving said he was probably going to do 'Henry VIII' (wise) with something special for Miss Terry for whom 'Henry VIII' does not offer much. Then their 'Isle of S. Tropez' was to come. Now he hears of an interloping Wills and even if that report is incorrect, Irving has not given them the chance of discussing 1st Act (which means discussing entire construction) & of rearranging the whole play so that it shall be ready for rehearsal whenever required.
Published: -
Notes: 'Faust' ran until 1887, to be followed in 1888 by 'The Amber Heart' and 'Macbeth'. Irving eventually decided against Burnand's play.
Document Holder: SCL (Reference: RL2/6/345)
Ref.No: 6580    
Author: Calmour, Alfred Cecil >>
Address: 37 Sydney Street, S.W.
Recipient: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: Lyceum Theatre, London
Date: [1887], [May?] 
Document Type: Letter (1 p.)
Content Summary: He forwards the prelude to the music for 'The Amber Heart' which he has only just received from [James Hamilton] Clarke.
Published: -
Notes: With a note at head: Calling tomorrow. There was a dispute affecting the music; see Letters 8928-34.
Document Holder: BTC (Reference: 2006/0078 (Box 4))
Ref.No: 8935    
Author: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: 15A, Grafton Street, Bond Street, W.
Recipient: Terry, Dame Ellen Alice >>
Address: -
Date: [1887], [June], [7] Tuesday
Document Type: Letter (3 p.)
Content Summary: She was very lovely - herself alone - there is nothing in the world beside her but without her what a sad morning it would have been. Poor Alfred [Calmour] thinks it all his own and it will never be without her. Wishes they could talk it over together and he could tell her of the dream of beauty she realised and was. A lovely night of rest and peace is the wish of her own fond love.
Published: R.Manvell, Ellen Terry, p.245; Ellen Terry, [1908], p.250.
Notes: Signed only with Irving's cross & circle symbol. After the matinee of 'The Amber Heart' by A.C.Calmour on 7th June, 1887. Dated by Ellen Terry, with an envelope in her hand reading: 'Irritability From HI (monogram) "Dead Heart" ', which is corrected in pencil by C St J [Christopher St John] "No Amber Heart". Herbert Beerbohm Tree appeared with Ellen Terry who played Ellaline.
Document Holder: ECL (Reference: Craig)
Ref.No: 4622    
Author: Clarke, James Hamilton Siree >>
Address: Comedy Theatre
Recipient: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: -
Date: 1887, June, 18 
Document Type: Letter (2 p.)
Content Summary: As he thought it was for a single matinee he only charged Mr Calmour two thirds of what Charles Hawtrey paid for the music to 'Harvest' for the music to 'The Amber Heart' although spending ten times more care and time on it. Since the great success of the play has made it Irving's property and a stock piece, he requests a small supplementary payment of perhaps £15. Calmour does not know of this.
Notes: Irving bought Alfred Calmour's play for Ellen Terry. This letter reached her by mistake and Clarke was forced to send Irving a copy in 1888 (Letter 8928). The whole correspondence is Letters 8928-34.
Document Holder: BL (Reference: Loan MS 125/34/2 (ETArchive ET-M8))
Ref.No: 7891    
Records - 1 to 5 of 47

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